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Building a Wind Generator For $200

Building a Wind Generator For $200

Wind generators are really simple when you break them down, and you can get great parts for relatively cheap when you know what to look for. Knowing what kind of motors make the best generators will open your eyes to an endless supply of great deals on sites like e-bay. The basic parts for building a wind generator are very simple and most of the digital down load guides tell you how to acquire your tower and batteries for free.

That kind of information alone pays for those guides, not to mention they save the headache and material costs of experimenting. Well the good download guides do, unfortunately some of them are complete junk. So an investment of $20 for a step by step guide, leaves us with $180. That $20 investment just saved you $700 in batteries and tower costs. The majority of the remaining $180 is going to be spent on the motor.

Building a Wind Generator for $200 - Finding a Motor

You want a permanent magnet motor that gives out high voltage at low rotational speeds. If your thinking about building your own permanent magnet generator, by all means do so... however you'll spend way more than $250 in costs. You can get small light motors that give out decent electricity for $100 or less. You really have two choices here, and it boils down to efficiency and what kind of energy demand your trying to supplement. You can buy one higher priced motor, or you can buy two lower priced motors.

You'll have to calculate what makes the most fiscal sense and how much your paying for your system. The idea behind buying two motors is building two wind generators opposed to one. So calculate what the output of two smaller motors would be compared to one larger more expensive motor. To keep things simple we'll say you buy an Ametek PM 50vdc motor, and it cost you $100 new. Often times people are upgrading their wind generator motors and you can pick up their used motors for relatively cheap.

That's just an example and their are much better motors available for that kind of price. A decent digital guide will give you information on where to get great motors for very low prices. Now you spent a total of $120, this leaves you $80. This $80 is easily going to buy materials for wiring, blades and the housing.

Here's hands down the best guide for Building a Wind Generator

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">Buildiing a Wind Generator.

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