Sunday, August 28, 2011

Components of Electric Generators

An electric generator is a machine used to produce electricity. The motor is generally responsible of converting mechanical energy to electrical energy in order to create such electricity.

An electric generator has two main components for its mechanical side, the rotor and the stator. The rotor is the rotating component of the electric generator while the stator is the stationary component. For the electrical mechanism of the machine, there are also two major components, the field and the armature. The field is the magnetic field parts of the machine.

Permanent magnets or electromagnets that are attached to the stator or motor of the machine are the responsible of producing the magnetic field. The armature is the component of the machine that produces electricity. The armature can be located on either the stator or rotor. Electric current is produced by the armature windings.

The machine has a field winding that supports the armature in order to generate more power, since less power is transferred by armature into the circuit. Slip rings are also used to produce a small amount of current.

Field coils in an electric generator require current in order for the device to work out. Huge power station generators uses different smaller generator electrify the field coils of the larger generator. Black start is needed to electrify the field coils for the restoration of the power in case of power outage.

Dynamo was considered as the first electrical generator that produces power for large industry and was developed by Hippolyte Pixxi in 1832. The commutator is used to convert mechanical energy into a direct current by using the electromagnetic principle.

Before, huge power dynamos were the only power generators used but due to the discovery of alternating current for the distribution and conversion of power, dynamos are no longer used.

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