Sunday, August 28, 2011

Perpetual Motion Machine - Fact or Fiction

The Magnet Generator is the latest addition to the growing line of alternative energy sources that are being developed as we try to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. These machine are now very popular thanks to a number of dedicated websites that have sprung up recently.The big question is, though, is a magnet generator a real viable alternative energy source, or is it just a scam.We need to consider one important thing first.Magnet Generators go by many names, for example zero point energy, perpetual motion machine or even over unity motors, but they are essentially all the same thing.Like anything new and amazing, there will be a fair number of skeptics saying that this is a scam, or its impossible for it to work and so on. To make things worse almost everyone knows that there is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine, and magnetic generators are no exception but unfortunately that name has been associated with magnetic generators so many people are under the wrong impression from the start. However, while they are not perpetual motion machines, they can provide power for a very long time indeed.Technology has obviously got better over the years which has meant that the cost of building a magnet generator has decreased and the complexity of their design has also been reduced. This makes them easier to build and longer lasting meaning that they will provide a source of power for much longer.Of course, they are mechanical devices but they are very simple so they dont need much maintenanace and because they dont need wind, wave or solar power sources to drive them they can be used literally anywhere and at any time.Having built a magnet generator and benefitted from its power I can state that this is definately not a scam. There are tens of thousands of people all around the world who have also benefittied, like I have, from this technology.We should be careful of wrongly used terms like perpetual motion and so on but if you understand how a magnet generator works then you will appreciate the huge savings that it can bring you.

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